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Rose Egge has created a series of gardening videos for KOMO5 featuring our newest employee, Meagan McManus.

Video: Seeds 101

Ingrid Nokes is the Gift, Book and Seed Buyer at West Seattle Nursery but she’s also a gardening expert who starts much of her vegetable garden each year from seed. In our latest video “Seeds 101,” Ingrid shares her passion for creating a diverse vegetable garden from seeds, and she hopes to get us all excited about it!

Folks that attended Ingrid’s class were engaged and delighted by the wealth of information Ingrid shared (and her delicious banana bread!) A series of handouts are also part of the class, and they are available for download to complete the package (see links above video in center column).

Ingrid’s class took place on February 13, 2011. It’s already time to be planting seeds indoors, so we hope you are able to take advantage of this timely information.

Visit our Seeds-101 page for additional printed information.